Why it is important to start with your chatbot now

Companies such as KLM, T-Mobile and Nuon are way ahead in their customer service approach. Why? Because they are all implementing chatbots in their service channels. If you’ve ever had to contact a customer service department, you know it can often take a long time before you get through to talk to a real person, which is not pleasant at all. And for customer service departments it’s a hell of a job to train and retain talent for the long term.

The next step

It’s time to move on with customer service. It’s 2017 and technology is advancing. In this case, chatbots have started to support real human support agents. Channels like Facebook Messenger, Web chat or Direct messages on Twitter are helping greatly because they have the ability to implement chatbots for businesses and brands. And the best chatbots are AI chatbots. They use Artificial Intelligence to find the most appropriate answer for the customer and ensure a smooth conversation. AI chatbots are designed to learn from previous conversations and constantly able to grow and develop.

Don't get left behind

But why is it important to start now? Well AI needs data, and preferably verified suitable data of conversations, and when you start now with gathering the data, you might be in time to reduce the cost of your customer services at the same time as your competitor does. Finally, it reduces the cost of your customer service department and gives a company financial space to significantly improve the customer contact strategy and win. Chatbots will change the business you are in